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Summer 2015

It was a wonderful summer with excellent students so we celebrated at a local coffee house.  While the summer seemed to come and go quickly, there was a lot of hard work and great science being accomplished.  Everyone enjoyed a bit of down time to have coffee or tea and some excellent scones and coffee cake.  Good luck to everyone wherever the future may take you! 

Congratulations Tapasya Trivedi - 2015 SARSEF Winner!

We are so proud of our most recent high school student Tapasya Trivedi (The Academy of Tucson High School) who worked in the Koshy lab from 9/14-3/15.  Tapasya was an excellent student who worked diligently on a project looking at how Toxoplasma interacts with the host CNS cells and more specifically, differences in cyst location between different strains of Toxoplasma gondii.  Tapasya was announced as a 2015 SARSEF Winner.