Congratulations Tapasya Trivedi - 2015 SARSEF Winner!

We are so proud of our most recent high school student Tapasya Trivedi (The Academy of Tucson High School) who worked in the Koshy lab from 9/14-3/15.  Tapasya was an excellent student who worked diligently on a project looking at how Toxoplasma interacts with the host CNS cells and more specifically, differences in cyst location between different strains of Toxoplasma gondii.  Tapasya was announced as a 2015 SARSEF Winner.

LabTV interview with Anita Koshy

Click the link below to watch this exciting interview with Anita Koshy for LabTV as she discusses her experiences through life that helped her decide on a career in research. This LabTV role model video semi-finalist award winner was produced by Don Gloetzer. Anita Koshy is the Principle Investigator of the Koshy lab at the University of Arizona.


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Toxoplasma Chronic Infection

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